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Executive Director
Rita Letourneau
Tel: 807.223.5080 ext 225

Administrative Assistant
Heidi Compardo
Tel: 807.223.5080 ext 223

Health Programs

FASD Coordinator
Ruth Stevens
Tel: 807.223.5080 ext 227

Diabetes Educator
Diane Smith
Tel: 807.223.5080 ext 228

Diabetes Nurse Educator
Philina Sky
Tel: 807.223.5080 ext 226

Community Development Support Worker
Brittany Norris
Tel: 807.223.5080 ext 222

Geraldine Cameron
Mental Wellness Team Coordinator
Tel: 807.223.5080 ext 224

Leslie Cameron
Mental Wellness Team Coordinator
Tel: 807.223.5080

Healing Lodge Staff

Administrative Assistant
Carissa Lundmark
Tel: 807.223.5080 ext 234

Program Administrator
Mark Gonske
Tel: 807.223.5080 ext 236

Mental Health Counsellor
Danielle Delaronde
Tel.: 807.223.5080 ext. 235

Mental Health Counsellor
Melody Bernard
Tel.: 807.223.5080 ext 237