Healing Lodge Facebook Contest 2020

This online contest is open to the following communities:

(On or Off Reserve)

  • Eagle Lake First Nation
  • Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation
  • Wabauskang First Nation
  • Lac Seul First Nation
  • Lac Des Mille Lacs First Nation
  • Indigenous Peoples of the Dryden Area

Each challenge completed for each category, counts toward an entry for that category’s prize! The more challenges you do in each category, means more entries to win the prize! Prizes for each category will be drawn by the random name wheel.

All Entries must be made on the “Paawidigong First Nation’s Forum – Healing Lodge” Facebook Page.

All Winners must make arrangements for prize pick up in Dryden, Ontario or Thunder Bay, Ontario for LDMLFN members. Prize distribution may be delayed after the closing date for shipping/pick up arrangement times.

Mothers Day Entries to be made by: May 7th @ 4:30pm

All other Entries to be made by: May 28th by 4:30pm

Step 1

  • Create a Household/Family Team Name and create a decorated poster with your team name.

Step 2

  • Enter your submission on the Paawidigong First Nations Forum- Healing Lodge facebook page, and remember to label your entries with your Team Name, the Category number and the challenge name (Ex. The Silly Gooses, Category #1 – The Pow-wow MC Voice Challenge) Each Challenge in each category is more chances to win that Category’s prize!


#1- The Nish Humour Category-Entries Due May 21st @ 4:30pm

  • Your Best Pow-Wow MC Voices – Video
  • Your Best Nish Humour Joke – Video
  • Your best Nish meal – Picture
  • Your Favourite Nish Movie Scene- Re-creation Clip – Video

#2 – Dance Category – Entries Due May 21st @ 4:30pm

  • Their Last move, Your First Move Dance Challenge- video
  • “Wow, You can really Dance!” Challenge- video
  • Clip of a pow-wow dance (Straight, Side step, etc.)– video
  • Tiktok #BlindingLights Dance Challenge – Video

#3 – Physical Health Category –Entries Due May 21st @4:30pm

  • Outdoor physical Activity (Walking, hiking, etc.) – Picture
  • Indoor Physical Activity (Jumping Jacks, treadmill)-Picture
  • Cooking a healthy meal with your family – picture
  • Tiktok #PlankChallenge Attempt- Video

#4 – Mental Health Category –Entries Due May 21st @4:30pm

  • Family Game Night – Picture
  • Family Craft/ Art Activity – Picture
  • Family Yard/ House Clean Up -Picture
  • Share Your Personal Experience with Covid-19 – Video

#5 – Mothers Day Challenge -Entries Due May 7th @ 4:30pm

  • Make a video about what you love about your mom – video
  • Post a picture of your children making a craft for your mom- picture

Prize List

#1- The Nish Humour Category-Entries Due May 21st @ 4:30pm

  • Apple iPad Pro 11

#2 – Dance Category – Entries DueMay 21st @ 4:30pm

  • Xbox / TV Combo -TLC 43” Smart TV / Xbox 1 S Bundle

#3 – Physical Health Category –Entries Due May 21st @4:30pm

  • Bicycle Package (One Adult bike/ One Youth Bike)

#4 – Mental Health Category –Entries Due May 21st @4:30pm

  • Campfire Package (Robson Outdoor Firepit/ CANVAS padded outdoor chairs /outdoor side tables x2)

#5 – Mothers Day Challenge -Entries Due May 7th @ 4:30pm

  • Mother’s Day Bundle (Sweater, Flowers, Meal Certificate, Self Care Items)

Grand Prize Bonus

If a Family / Household Team submits entries into EVERY challenge in EVERY category, they are entered for this lounge patio set: CANVAS Renfrew Conversation/Dining Sectional Set